American Maid™ Naturally Colored Yarn


Sustainably grown, colorful cotton yarn straight from American cotton fields to you!  This American made yarn is available in the colors that it is grown in, no dye required!  Available in:  Dark Brown, Light Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Natural White (the color of “white” cotton before it is bleached) and now Bleached White in 3/2, 8/2, and 10/2.  Additionally, Natural White is also available in 6/2, 12/2 and 20/2*. Click here for the additional sizes of Natural White.

To order, choose the yarn color by clicking on the swatches shown below, then choose your yarn size and cone size from the drop down menus.



Our line of Naturally Colored American Maid™ yarns come in  Dark and Light Brown, Dark and Light Green, Natural White and Bleached White. The brown and green colored cotton yarns becomes darker when washed, especially in alkaline water.  Just add baking soda to the warm wash water and watch the color deepen.  The first wash water is often pretty dirty because when you wash it, it is the yarn’s first bath!  You are washing off the dirt from the fields as well as any oils or dirt from the processing.

All but the 20/2 yarns are 100% American Made yarns.  We purchase the cotton lint from the cotton growers and then tend the fiber all the way through it’s processing into yarn.  Each year we make purchasing choices to make our yarns as sustainable as we can.  See our sustainable story here.

*At this time, we only have the 20/2 yarns available in imported cotton.

We have the American Maid naturally colored yarns available in 3/2, 8/2 and 10/2.  3/2 makes wonderful bath towels, snuggly blankets or delicious placemats, with 1260 yards per pound cone.  8/2 and the slightly finer 10/2 are go to sizes for baby wraps, handtowels and lightweight blankets.  3,360 yards per pound for 8/2 and 4,200 yards per pound for 10/2.

We also have 6 colors of these yarns available in a sampler kit if you want to try out small quantities of the yarns.

For more information on how to care for these yarns, please go to: YARN CARE

The table below reflects the approximate number of yards on each cone size.

Yarn Size1.5 oz Mini Cone8 oz Cone1 Pound Cone
4 Ply1005251050
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Fabric Care



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