20 Color Gamp Kit, 1 lb cones

Our Philosophy


Life is a gift, so have fun and weave! Because we aim to be good stewards of our beautiful planet, we have the yarns for our signature line of Tubular Spectrum™ yarn dyed here in the US using Fiber Reactive dyes that are the best dyes for wash fastness, and are the least toxic production dyes available.  Our American Maid™ cotton yarns are made from cotton grown sustainably here in the southwestern states, and spun in the US. Our yarns are put up on American made cones, made of recycled materials. We will gladly reuse your cones if you get them back to us.

We are a small mail order business based in Southern Idaho and Northern Florida. We sell yarn, looms and accessories. We also package our yarns with some excellent patterns, and write clear and concise instructions to produce kits that save you time, make you think, or give you a little nudge to improve your weaving skills. And of course, we weave. We are always working on new products and colors. Let us know your needs and interests. You never know: the next kit could be named after you. We’re dyeing to know what you want.

And remember, your dealing with the Lunatic Fringe!

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