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Turning Autumn Towels Yarn Collection

July 28, 2020

These delightful towels are such a fun 4-shaft project!

We have assembled the yarns to make Cynthia Newman’s Turning Autumn Towels as shown in the September/October 2020 edition of Handwoven Magazine from Long Thread Media.  You will find the instructions on page 61. If you do not have a current subscription, you can purchase one here: Handwoven Magazine

(Please note, there is a correction to the original instructions: Cynthia used 2-Ply Hemp Yarn instead of Tow Hemp Yarn.) 



Java Hemp Sample Card

June 26, 2020

Want to see exactly what you’ll get when you order any of our Java Hemp Yarns? Order a sample card with actual yarn samples of each yarn!


Java Hemp Yarn

June 26, 2020

This hemp yarn arrives to you soft, and becomes softer with each wash!

Superior strength and durability, easy to handle, doesn’t fall apart or shed, machine washable and tumble dry low, 100% hemp in a variety of beautiful colors! What more could you possibly want from a hemp yarn? Oh, how about that it is fast-growing and with a small carbon footprint, this natural fiber is easy on the environment.

Java Hemp Yarns comes in a big 100 g ball containing 219 yards.  Approximately 1000 yards per lb.


Looney Box

November 28, 2019

Looney Box? What is that? We’re glad you asked!

Get a special deal on yarns that are mill ends, discontinued colors, miswinds, overstocks, etc! Each box contains AT LEAST 2 lbs of mercerized or unmercerized yarn or 1.5 lbs of Hemp Yarn!!

What types of yarns will you get? There is a little bit of everything in each box so that you can challenge your creativity. Mercerized, unmercerized, hemp… the possibilities are absolutely endless! And the bonus? If you are within the continental U.S., you get FREE SHIPPING!

There is limited availability and once they are gone, they are GONE!  These typically go really fast!

***Actual items may not look like the above picture and WILL vary***

If you do not like surprises, please do not order.


Super Sliver Sampler

November 13, 2019

“A little bit of Acala in my life.. a little bit of Pima by my side…”   A little bit of everything!

This is the perfect sliver sampler with 1 oz of each of the following:

  • Brown Pima
  • Cinnamon Brown
  • Green
  • White Acala
  • White Pima
  • Hemp

Spin your own cotton yarn!  Luscious colors of cotton available to spin into your very own fiber.  Sustainably grown cotton from California and New Mexico.  The brown and green color is part of the cotton lint so it actually gets darker as you wash it.

American Maid Yarn, 8 oz cone

Poetic Placemats Instructions

November 7, 2019

If you follow these instructions, you will end up with 4 beautiful placemats that all have a different look.  You will learn to do 4 types of finger manipulated edging techniques to create 4 beautiful placemats.  Mix and match or choose your favorites.  Think of them as samplers you can use.


Hemp Sample Card

October 11, 2019

Want to see exactly what you’ll get when you order our Hemp Yarns? Order a sample card with actual yarn samples of each yarn!

Right now the hemp color card includes samples of all the 3 ply colors, as well as samples of the 1, 2, 3, and 6 ply natural and bleach yarns.


Hemp Sliver

September 20, 2019

This Hemp sliver (Untwisted Drawn Out Fibers) is ideal for blending, spinning, and paper making. The fiber length is between 70-100 mm (4-5 inches long).  Hemp can be spun wet or dry. Spun wet, it will make a softer yarn.  At the end of this product’s life, the organic hemp fabric is 100% biodegradable.  Available in 4 oz packages.  We source this sliver from Chinese producers.


Enchanted Windowpane Towels

September 20, 2019

Combine a 2 ply hemp warp with 5 colors of 10/2 American Maid™ naturally colored cotton to weave 5 lovely fingertip towels (finished size approximately 13” x 24”).  The hemp yarn is manufactured in Romania, and we make the American Maid™ yarns from cotton grown here in the American west and spun in the US.  When you wash the finished towels with baking soda, the color of the naturally colored cotton yarns will deepen.  The green cotton is especially affected by the alkalinity of the wash water. And, the colors will deepen over time.

Project Description:

  • 5 fingertip towels
  • 20 EPI, 20 PPI
  • 15” wide in the reed
  • Warp length 6 yards

Equipment Needed:

  • 4-shaft loom with at least 15” weaving width.
  • 10 dent reed.
  • A stick or boat shuttle and bobbins

Contents of Kit:

  • 1- 1.5 oz cone 10/2 American Maid unmercerized cotton yarn each: Natural White, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Brown, Light Brown
  • 1- 400g cone: 2 ply Hemp (Natural or Bleach)

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Intermediate to Advanced (Two fish). This is a Four harness kit.


Hemp Poetic Placemats

September 20, 2019

Guess who’s coming to dinner? 4 easy and elegant hemp placemats for your next entertainment event. extend your education using classic hand-manipulated lace edge embellishments. The poet e.e. cummings would have wanted to get a rigid heddle loom just to weave these elegant placemats!  Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Intermediate to Advanced (Two fish). This is a Two harness kit.


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