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About Lunatic Fringe Yarns

We are a US based small business located in Idaho.  All of our products will be shipped to you from our location in Idaho and all transactions occur in US Dollars.

We were established in 1992, and Lunatic Fringe Yarns was born from a desire to weave a color gamp using a consistent set of yarns. At the time, these yarns didn’t exist, so Michele and a wonderful group of weavers in North Florida spent the day dying cotton yarn to make a spectrum for a color gamp.

Gamp Kits to Convergence

A little while later, the biennial handweaving conference, Convergence, came along. Michele, as a young weaver, wanted to go to the weaving Mecca and made enough Tubular Spectrum™ Gamp kits to pay her way. The kits were a huge success, and Michele came home with enough orders to keep her busy dyeing yarn for a month. After that, she couldn’t keep up with demand, and because she lived in the southeast where textile production was happening, she found a dyehouse who would work with her and the color gamp business took off!

Help Wanted!

After 15 years and lots of twists and turns in life, Michele needed a new business partner. Katzy had been helping in the business for a few years and thought it would be fun to join in as an official Lunatic, especially as her second child was only 6 months old.  She must have been a true Lunatic!  However, the business continued to grow and once we got the business online, things really started jumping.  Lunatic Fringe Yarns became internationally known, and our unique yarns found their way around the world.  We expanded the Tubular Spectrum™ yarns to include 5/2, 10/2 and 20/2 sizes.  Then the opportunity arose to work with the Sustainable Cotton Project in California, and before we knew it, our own line of American Maid™ Yarns were born.

Westward Ho!

In 2012, the whirlwind of life blew Katzy along with the warehouse and day-to-day operations of Lunatic Fringe Yarns out to the Pacific Northwest to a little corner of southwestern Idaho. We love the weaving and spinning community out here too and are excited to have landed in a beautiful part of this country.

The last chapter of the Lunatic book so far to be written is that Michele is currently residing in Idaho for most of the year, but still maintaining her ties with the weavers and artists in California and trying to decide who she wants to be when she grows up.  She has recently been spending lots of time in Idaho to help out with the craziness of the pandemic.

And with the continually growing business, now our Lunatic family continues to grow.  Jenne: Director of Lunatic Operations, Missy: Social Media and Video Production Lunatic, Amber: Warehouse Managing Lunatic, and Lisa is our wonderful Winding Lunatic.  And of course, Katzy and Michele are still the General Lunatics.  What a crazy bunch!

We would love to hear from you!  Please call us at 800-483-8749 or 208-452-4948. Or email us at info@lunaticfringeyarns.com.

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