Sea Island Adventures

“Who’s ready for an adventure?” Maria announced as she danced into the workroom of the Surrey Fringe Factory with two letters held high.  “Grandpa, I found the perfect Extra Long Staple cotton for that fancy shirt fabric you want us to weave for you.  It’s Sea Island cotton!  That’s a variety of Gossypium barbadense, the Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton species“ Maria explained to her sisters as they ran over to hear the news. “It is super soft and has amazingly long fibers.” “These two letters are from growers in South Carolina and California who both claim to have crops […]

2 ply hemp towels

Another Lunatic Story about Hemp!

Maria sat on the train watching the beautiful spring landscape roll by.  It was odd to be alone.  She had never gone anywhere without her family and now she was traveling half way across the country, alone.  But, the war effort had called and she was on her way to Wisconsin to help the Navy set up a factory to spin hemp for shoelaces for the troops and rope for American ships. In 1942 the US had grown approximately 14,000 acres of hemp and the government wanted 300,000 acres grown in the upcoming year.  The stumbling block was that this […]


Locally, Sustainably Lunatic

This time, we are going to tell you a yarn that actually happened… What is a Lunatic yarn company to do in this world with a plethora of choices about fibers for our yarns?  Should we stock organic, fair trade, local, renewable, eco-friendly, or sustainable yarns?  All these choices can be overwhelming.  However, we decided to pick a direction that we feel can make a difference in, and then act accordingly. We have put locally grown, sustainably produced yarns at the top of our wish list.  Yarns that are produced sustainably use a minimum of resources to produce them, and […]

Moon and the Butte

Westward Ho!

“Well Girls”, said Grandma, as she came into the factory with a piping hot asparagus frittata. “We just got another order for fringe for the USO costumes. Things are really humming at the old fringe factory now that the War is dragging on! This is the fifth order this month!  April 1942 is going to be a good month for us!”  Grandma paused as she hunted in the drawer for forks and then looked at the glum faces of the girls.  “Why the long faces?  We can keep working at this pace, with all of us here!” “That’s just the […]


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