Seine Twine – Cotton


This 100% unmercerized cotton seine twine is ideal for high tension warps.  Especially Rug warps and Tapestry Warps.  There is very little stretch in this yarn, the tight twist makes the yarn very strong, and it wears like iron.  The natural color is an economical choice for warp in weft faced projects where the warp will be covered by a colorful weft.



This cotton seine twine is a very high quality warp yarn. A long staple length in the cotton fibers, combined with a very high twist makes for a yarn with high strength. It is impossible to break it with your hands.

The weight of the yarn on the tubes is between 18-19 oz.

For Tapestry work, try the following setts: 20/6 for 12-15 epi,  12/6 for 10 to 12 epi; 12/9 for 8-10 epi; 12/12 for 8 epi; 12/15 for 6-8 epi; and 12/18 for 6 epi. These yarns are numbered like other cotton yarns: The 20/6 is a size 20 yarn with 6 ply, and the others are each a size 12 yarn plied into a 6, 9, 12, 15, or 18 ply yarn:  with 12/6 being the smallest and 12/18 the largest, as the sett indicates.

The table below reflects the approximate number of yards on each cone and a suggested sett.

20/612-15 epi2,8602,800
12/610-12 epi1,8001,680
12/98-10 epi1,2301,120
12/126-8 epi925840
12/156-8 epl740672
12/186 epi615560
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


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