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Toasty Turned Tacquete Cowls

November 16, 2021

Warm up the cold days with three toasty warm cowls!!  Three different weft colors will give you 3 different, yet related cowls.  Using a 4-shaft loom, 5/2 Tubular Spectrum™ Mercerized cotton yarn and ONE SHUTTLE, these toasty turned taquete cowls are as fun to weave as they are to wear.  Brew a pot of tea and get comfy.


Gradients for Your Table

November 8, 2021

We had so much fun with the Discover Gradients Weave Along, that we created Napkin and Placemat instructions using the gradient lessons in the class as a launching pad for our design.  The napkins are woven with 10/2 Tubular Spectrum™ mercerized cotton yarn, and the placemats are woven with 3/2 Tubular Spectrum™ mercerized cotton yarn.  Each kit contains enough yarn for warp and weft and has multiple color options.  Both the napkin and placemats have instructions for either shaft looms or rigid heddle looms.

These are the same colorways from the Discover Gradients class.  Add to your collection of colors at a great price or weave napkins and placemats as holiday gifts!  And receive $5 off lifetime access to Discover Gradient Class from Warp & Weave with purchase of a kit.*

Scroll down for more information about the kits.


Discover Gradients Weave Along Kits

July 29, 2021

Are you joining the “Discover Gradients” weave along with Tien Chiu and our very own Michele Belson?  We have 3 Colorways of yarn designed by Tien to explore color gradients in the Weave along.  The pictures of the woven samples show a few possible color combinations available with the yarns that are in each kit.  All of the color ways are available in 3/2 or 10/2 mercerized cotton or 8/2 unmercerized cotton.  We have the kits in stock and are ready to ship.

If you would like to add additional colors of 3/2 or 10/2 yarn, click here to see your color options.  If you would like to add additional colors of 8/2 yarns, click here for more options.

Scroll down for more information about the kits.


10 Color Gamp Instructions

April 1, 2021

Gamps are a brilliant way to explore color interactions.  They will help you predict future color interactions and take the guess work out of project planning. This set of instructions will guide you through weaving three-four 10 color gamps.   The instructions are for our Bright Tubular Spectrum yarns.  You can substitute any 10 colors of Mercerized cotton yarn that you would like when weaving the gamps.

Available in 20/2, 10/2, 5/2, and 3/2 yarns.  Also available in 3/2 for Rigid Heddle looms.

If you would like the yarn already in a kit, please click here.


3/2 & 5/2 Mercerized Cotton Yarn – Tubular Spectrum

March 17, 2021

Tubular Spectrum™ yarns are 100% mercerized cotton yarns, available in 45 vivid, intense and very color fast colors.  The yarns will withstand years of washing and will keep your handwoven treasures looking bright and colorful!   In order to view the colors on the cones and to purchase the yarns, please select the cone size and the weight of yarn from the drop down menus, and then the yarn color by clicking on the color swatches shown below.

This page has 3/2 and 5/2 weight yarns.  If you would like to use 10/2 or 20/2 weight yarn, please click here.

Tubular Spectrum Rigid Heddle Basket Weave Towel

Basketweave Towels

November 30, 2020

Want to make Hand towels that are both functional and beautiful?  This is it!  8 colors from around our Tubular Spectrum Mercerized cotton plus enough white yarn to make either 2 or 4 beautiful and functional basket weave dishtowels.  Now available in Tints or Brights!

Finished towels are approximately 12.5” x 27”.  The 2-towel variations only have instructions for weaving on the rigid heddle looms.  The 4-towel variations have instructions for both rigid heddle and 4-shaft looms.  We include several treadling variations for the 4-shaft looms to mix things up!  Choose Brights or Tints yarns.

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Beginner to Intermediate (One fish). This is a Rigid Heddle and 4-shaft kit.


Sizzling Hot Pads Instructions

November 7, 2020

Here are the instructions to make four sizzling hot pads using 3/2 mercerized cotton yarn.  The instructions show you how to make a set of four hot pads or trivets  that simply glows with color. Warm up your kitchen with some sizzle! All on a 4-shaft loom!  Designed by Master Weaver Deanna Deeds.

Choose your favorite colorway below:


Sizzling Hot Pads

September 25, 2020

Woven in rep weave in an asymmetric block design, these sets of four hot pads or trivets simply glow with color. Cool colors contrast with gradually shifting warm hues that just pop!

All on a 4-shaft loom!

Designed by Master Weaver Deanna Deeds.


“Yes, It’s Worth It” Runner Kit

September 9, 2020

Remember secret decoder rings and writing special messages for your friends? Overshot name drafts are woven “secret messages” created by assigning each letter of a phrase to a shaft on the loom. Based on the message “Yes, it’s worth it”, this 4-shaft design is the weaver’s response to “But you can buy a runner, is it really worth all the effort?” Why yes, yes it is indeed worth it. Featuring Lunatic Fringe Yarns Tubular Spectrum™ Tints & Tones mercerized cotton yarns.

This is a DJE Handwoven Kit, and it comes with all the yarn you need plus a prewound warp ready to put on your loom.


Kaleidoscope Adventure–1 month

July 29, 2020

Join us on our Kaleidoscope Adventure!

You will receive a bag with Retail packaging sizes of different colors and sizes of yarns based on the Color theme of the month.  See below for the Colors and Availability.  (For example in December you will receive, a FULL SKEIN of red hemp yarn, a full 4 oz of Mercerized red yarn, etc.)  We aren’t telling you the type of wool (Greenline, Merino, Kokadjo, etc) or the color or grist of the yarns, but you will receive a full retail amount.  It might be 5/2 or 10/2 or 3/2, or some other size. It might be Cranberry, Coral, 5 Red, or some other mercerized red yarn. That is the adventure part…you never quite know what will be in the box!  

These are not samples!  We pulled these yarns directly off our retail shelves!

The TREASURE HUNTER bags will contain at least 5 different yarns plus other goodies, and the THRILL SEEKER bags contain at least 10 different yarns plus the other goodies.



Kitchen with a Sense of Place Instructions

November 12, 2019

Weave a set of 4 placemats and 4 napkins and a dishtowel with one loom setup!  Weave the napkins and towels in plain weave, twill, or block weaves and then resley your loom for the rep weave placemats.  We got our inspiration for the rep mats from Joanne Tallarovic’s wonderful book: Rep Weave and Beyond. Interweave Press, 2004


Totally Tubular Collection

November 12, 2019

The whole enchilada! Get all of our brilliant Tubular Spectrum yarns in one breathtaking kit!

45 of the finest mercerized cotton yarns combining our original 20 bright colors, 17 tints and tones with 5 shades of gray, black,white and natural.

Oh the fun that can be woven with the colors you’re craving for!

Please scroll down for more information.


LOONatic Mug Rug Instructions

November 8, 2019

As a result of the annual challenge by the Southern California Handweaver’s Guild of “Fowl”, the concept of our Loon Mug Rugs was hatched.  The stripes are intended to look like the neck stripes on the summer plumage of the common loon. The mug rugs shown are woven with 3/2 mercerized cotton yarn using the 5-shaft satin pattern.  When washed, the fabric has very satisfying ridges.  The 4-shaft draft will produce a flat mug rug with equally interesting color stripes with the twill stripes. Design created by Michele Belson.


Sett Fiesta Instructions

November 7, 2019

The Sett Fiesta Runner and Shawl is an exploration of asymmetry and using 10/2 mercerized cotton to achieve very different fabrics on the same warp.  You can weave both a beautiful, stable table runner (sett at 30 epi) and a soft, drapable shawl (sett at 20 epi) using the same warp set up and threading.  You will need to resley the reed between the runner and shawl.

Designed by Lunatics Katzy Luhring, Michele Belson and Mary Berent.  Originally published in Handwoven in the May/June 2014 issue (please see the issue for the full blown instructions).  This set of instructions will help you to make one shawl and one runner.


Master Weaver–Full Spectrum Kit

September 20, 2019

Weave two projects in the full 20-color Tubular Spectrum™ with one warp on your 8-shaft loom. The first project is woven in warp-faced twill blocks with a 20-color rotation warp using the 10/2 Tubular Spectrum™ and black weft. Then by changing the tie-up, the second project becomes a two-block doubleweave with a 20-color rotation in both the warp and the wefts.  There is enough yarn to make the two projects into either shawls or table runners.  Choose what fits your lifestyle!

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Intermediate to Advanced (Two fish). This is an Eight harness kit.



Master Weaver–Magical Metamorphosis Napkin Kit

September 20, 2019

These large dinner napkins with their off-set asymmetric design and border allow for creative folding ideas. Different colors in the napkin can be featured throughout the folding. Match your décor and make a statement as you enjoy a fabulous meal with friends.  Whet both your appetite and your eye as you “sett” your table!

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Intermediate to Advanced (Two fish). This is an Eight harness kit.



Star Spangled Towels

September 20, 2019

Just in time for your summer picnic!

Weave four towels that are as American as apple pie on your 8-shaft loom!   The overshot pattern is a modified “Star of Bethlehem”.  We have included yarn and instructions to make four DYNAMITE towels using our 10/2 and 5/2 Tubular Spectrum™  mercerized cotton yarns.  The finished sizes of the towels are approximately 16” x 29”.

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Intermediate to Advanced (Two fish). This is an Eight harness kit.


Master Weaver–Hopscotch Runners

September 20, 2019

These Hopscotch Table Runners are the first runners in our Master Weaver Series.  Designed by Master Weaver, Deb Essen, these runners use 4 colors of Tubular Spectrum™ to make table runners reminiscent of hopscotch pattern and spring flowers in front of Deb’s Grandmother’s house.  The summer and winter pattern has a different look on the front and back. It’s a fun, quick project to warp up and weave.

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Intermediate to Advanced (Two fish). This is an Eight harness kit (6 are needed).


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