10 Color Petite Gamp Kit


This petite 10 color gamp kit contains ten of our Tubular Spectrumcolors to weave color gamps! Choose whether you would like to weave using Tints, Brights or Tones.  Available in 20/2, 10/2, 5/2, and 3/2 yarns. 

Gamps are a brilliant way to explore color interactions.  They will help you predict future color interactions and take the guess work out of project planning.

The 3/2 Kits come with instructions for rigid heddle and harness looms.


This kit contains yarn and instructions to weave 3-4 square color studies. The kit includes ten Tubular Spectrum™ colors, with instructions for basic gamps and much more.  Available in 20/2, 10/2 or 5/2 yarns, and you choose whether you want to receive tints, bright and tone colors.  The Tint colors are:  Butter Yellow, Tangerine, Coral, Verbena, Violet, Periwinkle, Sky Blue, Teal, Sea Green, and 5 Green Yellow.   The Bright colors are:  10 Yellow, 10 Yellow Red, 10 Red, 10 Red Purple, 10 Purple, 10 Purple Blue, 10 Blue, 10 Blue Green, 10 Green, and 10 Green Yellow.  The Tones colors are:  Gold, Copper, Cranberry, 5 Red Purple, 5 Purple, 10 Purple Blue, Cobalt, 10 Blue Green, Forest and Kelp.  Yardage per cone is shown in the table below.

Cone Size3/25/210/220/2
1.5 oz mini 118 yards200 yards400 yards800 yards
4 oz315 yards525 yards1,050 yards2,100 yards
8 oz630 yards1,050 yards2,100 yards4,200 yards
1 lb1,260 yards2,100 yards4,200 yards8,400 yards

If you choose the 4oz or 8oz size cones, you will have more yarn than is needed for the instructions.

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Beginner to Intermediate (One fish). This is a Four or Eight harness kit.  If you would like to weave it on a Rigid Heddle Loom, we can help!  Click Here.

Explore the interactions of these pure colors in plain weave and then see the totally different effect of twills, huck lace, and summer & winter.  Drafts included for 4 and 8 harness looms.  Want to know more about color gamps?  Click here.

Need help arranging your colors in the gamp?  Click here for more information.

Need more than 10 Colors?  We have our 20 Color Gamp available for more color options.

For more information on how to care for these yarns, please go to: YARN CARE

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Yarn Size

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Tints, Brights or Tones?

Tint, Bright, Tone

Cone Size

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