Chameleon Ombre Scarf Kit


Blend three colors of yarn across the warp and weft to make a lovely scarf that gently shifts color from one edge to the other.  These scarves are designed to give you this fun color experience on either your Rigid Heddle or 4-shaft Loom!  Have fun and change color!   

This kit has three 1 ½ ounce cones of each of three analogous colors from our own Tubular Spectrum color wheel in 10/2 Mercerized Cotton


3 colors of yarn subtly change from one side of the warp to the other. There are endless weaving possibilities for these two scarves on just 2-4 harnesses.   

The kit contains enough yarn for two scarves, with finished dimensions of approximately 7″x 58″.  The instructions include directions for both a plain weave scarf and a 3/1 lace patterned scarf. Instructions are written for both rigid heddle looms and 4 shaft looms.

You will need a loom with an 8 and 10 dent reed, and at least 10″ weaving width. To make the 3/1 lace scarf, you will need a pickup stick or a 4 shaft loom.

Project Description: 

  • Plain weave scarf:
    • 9” wide in the heddle (reed)
    • 8 epi and 8 ppi
  • Lace weave scarf:
    • 7” wide in the heddle (reed)
    • 10 epi and 10 ppi

Equipment Needed:

  • Rigid Heddle or 4-Shaft loom with at least 9-inch weaving width.  For Rigid Heddle Loom:  you need an 8 and 10 dent heddle (use the 8-dent heddle for plain weave scarf and the 10-dent heddle for the lace pattern scarf).  Pickup stick needed for Rigid Heddle version of lace weave scarf.

Contents of Kit by Colorway:

Tequila Sunrise Colorway

Blue/Green Colorway

Red/Purple Colorway

For more information on how to care for these yarns, please go to YARN CARE

Listen to the Loon!  This is a 2-fish kit:  Intermediate level.  This probably shouldn’t be the first thing you put on your loom.  It would make a great third project!

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in


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