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Kaleidoscope Adventure–1 month

July 29, 2020

Join us on our Kaleidoscope Adventure!

How does taking a  journey into new and unexpected yarns sound? Do you enjoy creating new and exciting projects with delicious yarns? Well, if you’re an explorer, this is the adventure for you!

Because Classic Blue is the Pantone Color of the year, what better place to start than to choose blue as the color for August?  With the color blue dancing in our heads, we roamed along our shelves collecting a bag of premium “goodies” bursting with color! Your bag this month will contain a full cone/tube/skein of Tubular Spectrum mercerized cotton yarn, American Maid unmercerized cotton yarn, Maurice Brassard yarn, hemp yarn, wool yarn all in the color of the month, plus a few other surprises!

Choose our “Treasure Hunter” package to begin your adventure,  or our “Thrill Seeker” package to double your fun!


Turning Autumn Towels Yarn Collection

July 28, 2020

These delightful towels are such a fun 4-shaft project!

We have assembled the yarns to make Cynthia Newman’s Turning Autumn Towels as shown in the September/October 2020 edition of Handwoven Magazine from Long Thread Media.  You will find the instructions on page 61. If you do not have a current subscription, you can purchase one here: Handwoven Magazine

(Please note, there is a correction to the original instructions: Cynthia used 2-Ply Hemp Yarn instead of Tow Hemp Yarn.) 

(We will be substituting Midnight Blue for Deep Sea as it is currently out of stock.)



Java Hemp Yarn

June 26, 2020

This hemp yarn arrives to you soft, and becomes softer with each wash!

Superior strength and durability, easy to handle, doesn’t fall apart or shed, machine washable and tumble dry low, 100% hemp in a variety of beautiful colors! What more could you possibly want from a hemp yarn? Oh, how about that it is fast-growing and with a small carbon footprint, this natural fiber is easy on the environment.

Java Hemp Yarns comes in a big 100 g ball containing 219 yards.  Approximately 1000 yards per lb.


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