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From Dull to Brilliant Weave-Along Collections

March 14, 2023

Are you joining the “From Dull to Brilliant” weave along with the Handweaving Academy?  They have designed two colorways that they will be using in the weave-along, and we have collected the 8/2 unmercerized yarns in convenient collections.  Choose your colorway and choose whether you want 1.5 oz cones or 8 oz cones.  We have the collections in stock and are ready to ship.

If you would like to add additional colors of 8/2 yarns, click here for more options.

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A Place in Time Cowl Yarn Collection

October 21, 2022

Weave a Place in Time and create this beautiful cowl designed by Rebecca Morris and featured in the November/December 2022 issue of Handwoven Magazine.  It uses 8/2 unmercerized cotton yarn to make a lovely cowl.  We have created this yarn collection with the right amounts of all of the yarns to make one or two cowls as shown in the magazine.

You can purchase the pattern from Handwoven by clicking here.


Discover Gradients Weave Along Kits

July 29, 2021

Are you joining the “Discover Gradients” weave along with Tien Chiu and our very own Michele Belson?  We have 3 Colorways of yarn designed by Tien to explore color gradients in the Weave along.  The pictures of the woven samples show a few possible color combinations available with the yarns that are in each kit.  All of the color ways are available in 3/2 or 10/2 mercerized cotton or 8/2 unmercerized cotton.  We have the kits in stock and are ready to ship.

If you would like to add additional colors of 3/2 or 10/2 yarn, click here to see your color options.  If you would like to add additional colors of 8/2 yarns, click here for more options.

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“For all good things” Runner/Towels/Placemats Kit

September 9, 2020

This overshot name draft kit by dje Handwovens uses our very own American Maid™ natural color cotton yarns.

The natural color green or golden tan cottons used for the pattern get darker with washing! Warp length allows for 20″ thrum waste plus allowances for take-up, tie on. Maximum weaving length is 76″. Finished width: 13″

Kit makes either 4 placemats (13″ wide x 16.5″ Long) or 4 towels or one 72″ long runner—or any combination you decide!


100% Cotton Slub Yarn

September 20, 2019

Slub yarn gives your creations more personality and added texture. Perfect for dishtowels, baby blankets and anything you want to be soft and absorbent. This slub yarn is the same size as the 8/2 Maurice Brassard Unmercerized yarn and it pairs beautifully with the regular 8/2 yarn! Available on 8 oz tubes.



Variegated Group 2023

Variegated Cotton Yarn

September 20, 2019

8/2 Unmercerized Cotton Variegated yarn from Maurice Brassard! There are New colors!

And the best part? All these AMAZING colors are available on 1.5 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz cones! (Approximately 320 yards on a 1.5 oz mini cone, 840 on a 4 oz cone, or 1680 yards on an 8 oz cone.)

Use by themselves or pair them with a solid color to make a stunning towel, scarf or blanket.  See the solid colors available here.


Unmercerized 8/2 Cotton Yarn – Maurice Brassard

September 20, 2019

8/2 Unmercerized yarns weave into lovely hand and dishtowels, soft and cozy blankets for your new nephew or niece, or many other soft and absorbent uses. All colors are available on 8 oz tubes and 1.5 oz mini cones, approximately 3,360 yards per pound (1680 yards on an 8 oz tube, and approximately 320 yards on a 1.5 oz mini cone). Sett these yarns at 16 epi for lace weaves, 18-20 for plain weave, and 20-24 for twill weave structures. You can also weave with these yarns on your rigid heddle loom by doubling the yarn and using a 10 dent reed.


American Maid Yarn

American Maid™ Naturally Colored Yarn

September 20, 2019

Sustainably grown, colorful cotton yarn straight from American cotton fields to you!  This American made yarn is available in the colors that it is grown in, no dye required!  Available in:  Dark Brown, Light Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Natural White (the color of “white” cotton before it is bleached) and now Bleached White in 3/2, 8/2, and 10/2.  Additionally, Natural White is also available in 6/2, 12/2 and 20/2*.

To order, choose the yarn color by clicking on the swatches shown below, then choose your yarn size and cone size from the drop down menus.



American Maid™ Unmercerized White Cotton Yarn

September 20, 2019

Natural white, sustainably produced, unmercerized cotton yarn.  Perfect for all your soft handwoven items.  Strong enough for warp in any of the sizes, and soft and absorbent for anything you can dream up.  It makes wonderful towels, baby blankets, napkins, or cuddly throws.

*As of 2022, the 20/2 size is only available as a NON-American Made yarn.  The cotton in the 20/2 yarn currently comes from Egypt.  All the other yarn sizes are 100% American Made.


Peaceful Rhythm Yarn Collection

September 20, 2019

Weave with a Peaceful Rhythm.  This Yarn Collection contains all the yarns you need to make the 4 towels originally designed by Sarah Jackson.

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level for this kit is Beginner to Intermediate (One fish). This is a Four harness kit. Pattern is in Handwoven May/June 2014.  If you don’t have the magazine issue, you can purchase it here.

American Maid Sampler Kits

American Maid Sampler

September 20, 2019

Have a sample of the finest American Maid™, Naturally Colored Cotton Yarns.  All of the yarns are made from colors of cotton that come straight from the plant.  Add some baking soda to your wash water and watch the colors deepen.  All samplers come with 1.5 oz cones of natural white, dark brown, light brown, dark green, light green and bleached white yarns.  There is enough yarn to weave a couple napkins, or add a cone of white to the sampler kit, and weave a towel in each of the 5 colors of yarn! Instructions for specific projects are not included in the sampler, but we do have instructions available.  Click here for more information.

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