Textile Adventures in Peru with Jennifer Moore


Join us on February 11, 2023 as Jennifer Moore presents her 1-hour seminar on Textile Adventures in Peru.

A significant aspect of Jennifer Moore’s life is the incredible connection she has with Quechua weavers in the Peruvian highlands. Jennifer became intrigued with pre-Columbian textiles early on as a weaver.  The level of doubleweave pickup exhibited by the people in the Peruvian area was so remarkable even in the pre-Columbian days and can be viewed as unsurpassed even to this day.

In 2013, Nilda Callañaupa from the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco planned her conference in Cusco, and asked Jennifer to come teach the pre-Columbian doubleweave techniques to her weavers.  Jennifer jumped at the chance. Come and join us as we listen to the amazing stories of the year Jennifer spent preparing for this teaching experience.  She spent the year studying backstrap weaving, Peruvian doubleweave and Spanish.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to vicariously visit the weaving villages and archeological sites in the Peruvian highlands through the eyes of a traveling weaver. Jennifer will present a slideshow of her experiences in Peru, as well as show textiles and demonstrate what she taught in Peru.  Join us!!!

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This 1-hour seminar will be presented by Jennifer Moore on February 11, 2023 via Zoom.  One week prior to the seminar you will receive a zoom link to attend the session.  Participation is limited to 50.

The seminar will be presented from 12-1 pm Mountain Standard Time.  Please check to see how that corresponds to your local time to make sure you don’t miss the presentation.  There will be a recording of this seminar, and participants will have access to that recording for 2 weeks following the seminar.

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer holds an MFA in Fibers and specializes in exploring mathematical patterns and musical structures in doubleweave wall hangings. She has exhibited throughout the world, receiving numerous awards for her work, and has been featured in many weaving publications. Jennifer lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and travels extensively to teach workshops in doubleweave, color, and geometric design. Jennifer was invited to teach doubleweave to indigenous Quechua weavers in Peru in 2013, where they are once again excelling in this technique which had been discontinued after the Spanish conquest. She is the author of The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave, several doubleweave videos, and online courses, and numerous articles.

Jennifer has been teaching her Double Rainbow Doubleweave online workshop with us this past year, and she is an amazing teacher.


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