Popping Purple Scarf — Instructions


Looking for a quick project to use the wonderful cotton yarns in your stash?  How about two soft, wonderfully textured scarves?  These instructions will guide you to make two scarves, using either a rigid heddle loom or a 4-shaft floor loom and approximately 1,200 yards of 5/2 mercerized cotton yarn.  The finished size of each scarf is approximately 8” x 60” plus 4” fringe on either end.


The instructions call for you to use 5/2 Mercerized cotton, specifically the 6 Tubular Spectrum colors:  5 Red, 10 Red Purple, 5 Red Purple, 10 Purple, 5 Purple and 10 Purple Blue.  By using the 5/2 yarns sett at 12 epi, you will weave a very nice soft scarf.  Beating lightly is the key to having a soft fabric.  Rigid heddle looms produce these soft fabrics very easily, and if you are using a floor loom you will need to practice soft beating.

These instructions are written for both rigid heddle looms and 4 shaft floor looms.  The rigid heddle instructions call for using a pickup stick to create the lace pattern.  It is simple to use as you only have to set up the pickup stick once during the weaving of the entire scarf.  The floor loom instructions include a 3 harness lace pattern that produces the nice, nubby texture on the scarf.

To weave the scarves, you will need:

  • A Loom with at least 15 inch weaving width (either a Rigid Heddle Loom or at least a 4 shaft floor or table loom)
  • 12 dent reed
  • Pickup stick if you are using a rigid heddle loom
  • At least one stick or boat shuttle.
  • Contents of one Popping Purple Scarf kit, or the equivalent 5/2 yarns.  Approximately 200 yards of each of 6 colors.

If you would rather just purchase the yarns and instructions all together, we have a kit available.  Click here.

After purchase, you will have unlimited access to the downloadable file.  Please let us know if you want a copy mailed to you.


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