Ombre Chameleon Scarf Instructions


Watch the shades shift from blue to green! By blending these 3 yarns you can make a pair of lovely scarves that gently shifts color from one edge to the other.  They are designed to give you this fun color experience on your Rigid Heddle or other 2-4 shaft Loom!

Makes 2 scarves approximately 7” X 58”in 10/2 Tubular Spectrummercerized cotton yarn, one to give and one to keep for yourself.

To view more pictures, or to purchase a kit, click HERE!


Project Description: 

  • 8epi (plain weave) or 10 epi (lace weave)
  • 8ppi (plain weave) or 10 ppi (lace weave)
  • Warp length 90”
  • Width in reed 9” (plain weave) or 7” (lace weave)

Equipment Needed:

  • 8 and 10 dent reed (use the 8-dent reed for plain weave scarf and the 10-dent reed for the lace pattern scarf), loom with at least 9 inch weaving width.
  • 3 mini cones of 3 adjacent Tubular Spectrum Colors of 10/2 Mercerized cotton.  In the following instructions we refer to the three yarn colors as Color A, Color B and Color C. You will use three strands of yarn at all times.  As you warp, you will shift through the three colors beginning with three strands of Color A (AAA), then moving to 2 strands of Color A and one of Color B (AAB), and so on.
  • Contents of one Chameleon Ombré Scarf Kit (Red Purple or Blue Green)


  • (Red Purple) 3 each- 10/2 10 Purple, 5 Red Purple and 10 Red Purple
  • (Blue Green) 3 each- 10/2 10 Blue, 5 Blue and 10 Blue Green



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