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Taking our inspiration from our favorite artists (Piet Mondrian, Claude Monet, Pierre-August Renoir and Ansel Adams) we designed this fun project for 4 generous, towels with 3 colors of Tubular Spectrum ™ yarn.  And you can choose your favorite colorway. 

Woven in 2 blocks of broken twill to create a visually complex towel that is fun and easy to weave.   Finished towels are approximately 18″ x 28″.  We have updated the instructions to include 4 and 8-shaft patterns.

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Yarn Needed:

3- 8 oz cones of 10/2 Tubular Spectrum™ mercerized yarn in the colors specified for the colorway

8-Shaft Project Description:

  • 8-harness
  • 28 epi, 28 ppi
  • 20.5” wide in the reed
  • Warp length 5 yards
  • 4 towels:  approximately 18” x 28” finished

4-Shaft Project Description:

  • 4 – harness
  • 28 epi, 28 ppi
  • 21.5” wide in the reed
  • Warp length: 5 yards
  • 4 towels, approximately 18” x 28” finished
Equipment needed:
  • 4 or 8-shaft loom
  • 12 dent reed
  • 3 bobbins

These are only the instructions to make the towels.  If you would like to purchase a kit that includes the yarn…click here.

After purchase, you will have unlimited access to the downloadable file.  Please let us know if you want a copy mailed to you.

Updated 12/14/2021

Masters Towel

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