Essential Towels Instructions


Weave two completely different and stunning towels from the same warp on your 4-shaft loom.  Pattern spots are interspersed with sections of plain weave for maximum color blending.  We have included instructions to make two striped towels using our 5/2 Tubular Spectrum yarns.  The finished sizes of the towels are approximately 15.5” x 24”.  Thank you to Deb Essen for the wonderful design!

To view more pictures, or to purchase the kit, please click HERE!


Project Description:

  • 2 Towels, 4-harness draft
  • 16 EPI, 16 PPI
  • Warp length: 95” (Allows for 36” loom (thrum) waste)
  • 5” in reed

Equipment Needed:

  • 4-harness Loom with at least 18-inch weaving width, 8 dent reed.
  • A stick or boat shuttle and bobbins
  • Contents of one Essential Towels Kit


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