Easy Spin Cotton Sliver


Spin your own cotton yarn!  Luscious colors of cotton available to spin into your very own fiber.  Sustainably grown cotton from California and New Mexico.  The brown and green color is part of the cotton lint so it actually gets darker as you wash it.  Available in a 4 oz package.

Now in Cinnamon Brown too!


We have EZ Spin Cotton developed by Joan Ruane.  This cotton sliver is specially prepared with handspinners in mind.  The natural crimp in the cotton fiber is left in the sliver, and it is wonderful to spin.

We currently have the sliver available in cinnamon brown, brown pima, green, white pima, white acala and white sea island.  These fibers are the same that we turn into our American Maid cotton.  All available in 4 oz package.

The difference between the 3 varieties of white are in the fiber length.  Sea Island and Pima are considered Extra Long staple cottons, and Acala is a long staple cotton.  For the Easy to Spin cottons, Sea Island has the longest staple length: approximately 1.75″, Pima is the next longest: approximately 1.6″, and Acala rounding out the bunch with approximately 1.25″.

Cotton sliver has a definite direction that makes the spinning process smoother, while the opposite end creates more slubs. If you are having difficulty spinning, try the other end.

There is no need to boil handspun cotton yarn unless you intend to dye it.  Soaking in hot water with a little detergent for about 30 minutes will set the twist and clean the cotton.

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