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Hardwood Spindle Support Bowl

November 27, 2019

This is the perfect addition to you Tahkli spindle!

The Tahkli is commonly known as a support spindle because a bowl is used to support the spindle as it spins.

Lightweight and portable, this hardwood hand lathed bowl goes anywhere you want to spin and protects yourself and your furniture from sharp spindle points. (Also, your spindle can turn more quickly since there is less friction!


Super Sliver Sampler

November 13, 2019

“A little bit of Acala in my life.. a little bit of Pima by my side…”   A little bit of everything!

This is the perfect sliver sampler with 1 oz of each of the following:

  • Brown Pima
  • Cinnamon Brown
  • Green
  • White Acala
  • White Pima
  • White Sea Island

Spin your own cotton yarn!  Luscious colors of cotton available to spin into your very own fiber.  Sustainably grown cotton from California and New Mexico.  The brown and green color is part of the cotton lint so it actually gets darker as you wash it.


Tahkli Spindle

September 20, 2019

Tahkli spindles are ideal for spinning cotton or other short stapled fibers because they are engineered to spin very fast.  These Tahkli spindles are made of metal with a brass whorl that is well weighted.  Use this support spindle on a bowl (wooden, ceramic or glass), the table top or your thigh to support the spindle as it spins.


Spinning Videos by Joan Ruane

September 20, 2019

Joan Ruane is an amazing teacher, and she can teach you how easy it is to spin cotton. Really. She travels around the country teaching how easy and fun it is to spin this wonderful fiber. These DVDs are available for spinners to learn at home just how easy it is to spin cotton. Great for Guild Libraries too! […]


Cotton Carders

September 20, 2019

Cotton hand carders are used to prepare cotton fiber for spinning.  The teeth are shorter and finer than wool carders because the cotton fibers are thinner and shorter than wool.  The Carding area is 10.5″ x 4″.


Hemp Sliver

September 20, 2019

This Hemp sliver (Untwisted Drawn Out Fibers) is ideal for blending, spinning, and paper making. The fiber length is between 70-100 mm (4-5 inches long).  Hemp can be spun wet or dry. Spun wet, it will make a softer yarn.  At the end of this product’s life, the organic hemp fabric is 100% biodegradable.  Available in 4 oz packages.  We source this sliver from Chinese producers.


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