Basket Weave Towel Instructions- 2 Towel- Rigid Heddle


Want a Color Gamp that is both functional and beautiful?  This is it! Finished towels are approximately 12.5” x 24”. The 5/2 yarn is doubled in each dent and doubled when weaving to make a balanced basket weave structure.

You can find instructions for the 4 towel variation HERE

To view more pictures or to purchase the kit, click HERE!

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Project Description:

  • 8 doubled epi, 8 doubles ppi
  • 15” wide in the reed
  • 90” long warp

Equipment Needed:

  • A 15” (or wider) rigid Heddle Loom with an 8-dent reed
  • 15” (or longer) stick or boat shuttle
  • A sewing machine or a needle and thread
  • Contents of one Basket Weave 2Towel Kit


  • 2- 4 oz cones of 5/2 Tubular Spectrum Bleach White
  • 1 each- 5/2 5 Yellow, 5 Red, 10 Blue Green, 5 Purple Blue, 10 Yellow Red, 5 Green, 10 Blue and 10 Purple.


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