8/2 American Maid Cotton Towel 4-shaft Loom Instructions- “Serenity Towels”


Instructions for these “Serenity Towels” make three soft and fluffy towels from your 4-shaft loom in just a few hours.  These instructions make quick work out of 8/2 cotton yarn. The instructions are for one plaid towel, one warp striped towel woven with the natural white, and one more towel of your own design. The instructions are designed with the naturally colored cotton yarns from an 8/2 American Maid™ sampler kit and one 8 oz cone of natural white unmercerized cotton yarn.


The instructions call for a 4-shaft loom with at least 15″ weaving width, and a minimum of 1.5 oz of each of 5 colors of 8/2 cotton yarn plus an additional 8 ounces of natural white for the warp.

These towels were originally woven with our own 8/2 American Maid Naturally Colored cotton yarns to make lovely soft towels.  Other 8/2 cottons could be substituted in the pattern. The instructions include the draft for a 3-shaft lace weave pattern shown in the pictures as well as plain weave.  We give instructions for a plaid towel in the lace weave pattern, a striped towel in plain weave, and then there is enough yarn for a third towel woven in any combination of the above pattern and yarn striping to suit your fancy.

The finished sizes of each of the 3 towels are approximately 13” x 20”.

After purchase, you will have unlimited access to the downloadable file.  Please let us know if you want a copy mailed to you.



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