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Would you like to try a sampler of all the colors that we have available in our new Lyte Hemp Yarn?  These collections have 10 mini cones of all the colors we have in stock right now.  The yarn comes in two sizes:  Bold and Fine.  Lyte Bold is a wonderful 2-ply yarn with approximately 2,600 Yards per pound and approximately 260 yards on a mini cone.  And Lyte Fine is a thinner 2-ply yarn with approximately 5,000 yards per pound and approximately 500 yards per mini cone.

Would you like to purchase individual cones of the Lyte Hemp Yarn?  Click here for Lyte Bold Yarns or here for Lyte Fine Yarns.

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The yarn colors in this collection include Amethyst, Black, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Light Gray, Periwinkle, Ruby, Sky Blue, and Thyme.  

This yarn comes in two sizes:  Bold and Fine.  Lyte Bold yarn has approximately 2,600 yards per pound Sett at 20-28 epi and beat at 20-28 ppi. The Lyte Bold combines beautifully with 10/2 or 8/2 cotton yarns.   Lyte Fine yarn has 5,000 yards per pound.  We recommend setting the Lyte Fine at 30-36 epi and the same for ppi.  The Lyte Fine yarn combines beautifully with 16/2 or 20/2 cotton yarns.  Both the Lyte Bold and Lyte Fine are strong enough to use for warp.

To minimize the exuberant tendencies of these yarns as you are weaving: soak your bobbins and pirns in water prior to use.  It doesn’t need to be a long soak (10 minutes or so is plenty…the bobbins will sink below the surface of the water as they get fully wet).  Then blot dry and weave your fabric.  This prevents the yarn from escaping from the bobbins.

Colors are dyed with Fiber Reactive dyes and are relatively washfast.

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Lyte Yarn

Bold, Fine

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