Hemp Poetic Placemats


Guess who’s coming to dinner? 4 easy and elegant hemp placemats for your next entertainment event. extend your education using classic hand-manipulated lace edge embellishments. The poet e.e. cummings would have wanted to get a loom just to weave these elegant placemats!  Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Intermediate to Advanced (Two fish). This is a Two harness kit.  Instructions for both Rigid Heddle and Shaft looms.


Hemp placemats made from 6-ply bleached hemp yarn.  You can decide how embellished you want to make the mats.  We include instructions for multiple types of hand-manipulated weaves to use as edges on your mats.  All instructions require only 2 shafts. Perfect for your rigid heddle loom.

The 3 ply and 6 ply hemp yarns are produced in Romania.  They are line spun and have a nice sheen to them when you press the woven items.  A mangle really gives it a nice surface.

Project Description:  Four placemats, 13” x 19.5” finished size.  Woven with plain weave background and various finger manipulated weaves for interest. You will warp your loom, weave 2 placemats, and then warp it again to weave 2 more placemats.

Equipment Needed:

  • Loom with at least 15-inch weaving width, 8 dent reed.
  • Weaving sword (for leno, Mexican Lace or Brook’s bouquet), stick or boat shuttle
  • Two cones of 6 ply Lunatic Hemp Yarn and one 50g cone of 3 ply Lunatic Hemp Yarn for hems

Contents of Kit:

  • 2- 6 ply 400g spools
  • 1- 3 ply 50g cone

Also available in Naturally Colored cotton.

For more information on how to care for these yarns, please go to YARN CARE

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 4 in


Fabric Care

Cone Size


Bleach or Natural

Bleach, Natural


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