New Website!

Tubular Spectrum Circle
Tubular Spectrum Circle

We are so excited to announce our new website is finally ready for viewing.  

New Pictures

We hope you get a chance to look around at all the new pictures of our kits, yarns and projects that we are involved in. Yes, you can even make them bigger by clicking on the pictures!  See the texture of our Buff Towels, see what scarf Lunadette is wearing, and even find our more about our mascot.

Weaving Kits

Tubular Spectrum Rigid Heddle Basket Weave Towel
Tubular Spectrum Rigid Heddle Basket Weave Towel

We have some new kits like our Basket Weave Towels, and many favorites such as our 20 Color Gamp Kits.   From towels to dry your dishes to wonderful scarves to make for your best friend, we have kits that will inspire you to use color in ways you haven’t thought of, or use weaving structures in new ways.

And Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

We also have a great collection of yarn.  Smooth skinny yarns made from Mercerized and Unmercerized Cotton, Hemp, and Wool.  Yarns that we dye using fiber reactive dyes such as our Tubular Spectrum Yarns, Firefly Hemp Yarns and undyed, sustainably grown yarns that that we call American Maid Yarns that come in the colors that grow from the ground.

Let us know what you think of the new website.

1 thought on “New Website!”

  1. Liana O'Bannon

    Hi! I bought the American Maid Yarns in the 5 colorways of natural undyed yarn in 8/2 unmercerized yarn. It is great for towels as seen in my project and I think it will also work well for baby blankets. I also think it would make great diapers for babies born early or babies with issues. The undyed yarn that is the color of the grown cotton is wonderful. My family loves the towels I wove for them. I ordered more yarn from you in all 4 colorways of this yarn in 8/2 unmercerized. I am going to make more for Christmas for family!

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