Schacht Inkle Loom


For warp-faced braids and bands and is perfect for our 3/2 Tubular Spectrum Yarns!
This loom from Schacht is designed to create long, very strong braids. Weave intricate patterns and embellish with different types of yarns, beads, and colors. Make trims, tassels, bands, straps, chokers, dog leads, and more. Made from Maple hardwood and strongly constructed, this loom will last the test of time! The warp tension can be adjusted with the adjustable tension peg. Compact size for portability and easy storage. Belt shuttle and a booklet with set up and weaving directions are included.  Loom is made of unfinished wood.

– Very portable
– Strong design for high tension warps
– Tension adjustment

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More information about the Inkle Loom:

Inkle looms are great for weaving belts and bands. They’re perfect for start-up weaving programs because they require little additional equipment, are easy to use and understand, and are easily stored.

The Inkle warp lengths can be up to: 2.6m (102″)
The Inkle warp widths can be: up to 111mm (4.5″)

  • Made from Maple hardwood, and are unfinished.  Comes completely assembled.
  • The warp tension can be adjusted with the adjustable tension peg.
  • One of Schacht’s belt shuttles is included.

Warp Yarns to use:

Use strong, smooth and colorful yarns.  Your weaving will be warp faced so the warp colors will determine how your finished piece looks.

  • Mercerized cotton (like our 3/2 Tubular Spectrum Yarns) is an ideal warp yarn.  It is smooth and strong and slides well.
  • Most wool is suitable but avoid wool that is soft or hairy (these tend to cling to each other and make it difficult to obtain a clean, open shed).
  • Textured and metallic threads, silk and nylon add variety to your warp.
  • Be experimental but make sure all threads have about the same amount of elasticity, otherwise the surface will be uneven.

Weft yarns to use:

As inkle weaving produces a warp faced cloth, the edges of the weft will show as a loop on the side of your weaving.  Therefore, the weft should either contrast for a nice pop of color, or blend well with the outer warp color.

  •   8/16 unmercerized cotton, a thick soft yarn
  • Use the warp threads in any combination (1-4 strands) to achieve the desired thickness of your woven fabric.

Width of the Warp:

Because the weft thread is pulled tight, the weaving will be reduced to about half the original width of the warp. However, if you want to increase or decrease the width at any stage, this is done by the amount of tension on the weft thread.

The Shed:

  • The shed is obtained by the use of leashes. A thread NOT going through a leash is called an “open” thread.
  • Shed 1 – is made by pushing down on all the open threads
  • Shed 2 – is made by lifting all the open threads

Inkle Loom includes one of Schacht’s Belt Shuttle, and a booklet with set up and weaving directions.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 20 in


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