Blueberry Pie Scarves


Mmmm…Woven pie!  Using a 4-shaft loom and a combination of 10/2 and 20/2 Tubular Spectrum™ Mercerized cotton yarn, these scrumptious, drapey scarves are woven with perfect pie shaped motifs.  The two different scarves are created by changing only the weft color.  And with the 20/2 weft, the scarves have a wonderful iridescence.  All on 4 shafts and woven with a single shuttle.  The kit contains all the yarn you need to make both scarves.

Scarves designed and woven by Mary Berent.


Project Description:

  • 2 Scarves (Finished dimensions: 68” x 9.5” plus 7-10” fringe on each end)
  • Kit makes one scarf of each color
  • 36 EPI, 36 PPI
  • 6 Yard Warp length
  • 10” in reed
  • Turned Taquete weave structure

Equipment Needed:

  • 4-shaft Loom with at least 10-inch weaving width, 12 dent reed.
  • 1 shuttle

Contents of Kit:

Scarves designed and woven by Mary Berent.

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in


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