Peaceful Periwinkle Towel Instructions


In stressful times, what could be more calming than weaving these towels in peaceful periwinkle and soft shades of blue and green? These instructions include a one-shuttle Turned Taquete (aka Jin) 4-shaft draft to help you make 4 towels to match your moods.

Would you like the yarn as well as the instructions?  Click here for the kit.


Project Description:

  • 4 towels (approximately 16” X 24” (hemmed).  Each towel has a solid color weft.
  • 4 harness, Turned Taquete (aka Jin)
  • 24 epi, 24 ppi
  • 19.7” wide in reed, 4.5-yard warp

Equipment needed:

  • 4 shaft loom with at least 20” weaving width
  • 1 shuttles, 4 bobbins
  • 12 dent reed

Yarn Needed:


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