Intentions and the Lunar New Year


“Luna” = moon

Here at Lunatic Fringe Yarns we have a special love of all things Lunar.  “Lunatic” is a word derived from “luna” the Latin word for moon because many people believed insanity was caused by the phases of the moon.  We prefer to think of the word “Lunatic” as it relates to creativity rather than insanity.  Though “sanity’ may be highly overrated. Afterall, it IS a bit crazy to make cloth out of string….

We also like the association of the word Luna with moon, because in many cultures, the moon is represented by a woman and is viewed as a source of female power.   This resonates with us as a women owned business.

In the Lunar Calendar, this will be the year of the Tiger. This year is specifically dedicated to the Water Tiger which adds dimensions of family and team building to the strengths of the tiger: courage, generosity, and fairness. This year is a great year for creative projects and building teams. We hope to embrace these traits and add new dimensions to our weaving!

Year of the Water Tiger

As we approached the Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger, we spent some time focusing on our intentions for the coming year for ourselves and Lunatic Fringe Yarns. We did this by not just thinking about our to do list and the very full “Gotta Get These Things Done” list, but on what we want to put our hearts and minds into this year.  Our intentions.

Business Intentions:

The result of this cogitation is that we intend to explore new dimensions while keeping the business strong and solid. One of those new dimensions will be to offer our customers and all of us here at Lunatic Fringe Yarns more opportunities for learning and growth both on-line and in person. We want to expand our class offerings: share our years of experience as well as bring you the knowledge of other experienced textile instructors, like Jennifer Moore’s Double Rainbow Workshop.

We are eager to connect with our customers and friends again, both on-line (watch this space for some exciting stuff!!!) and at fiber events in real life.  We hope to see you at CNCH or Convergence!

Personal Intentions

Want to know what some of the Lunatic’s have for personal intentions relating to fiber and creativity?

Michele: Dive into construction techniques and add new dimensions to her work: out with flat things, in with cowls, bags, bunnies and anything else she can dream up that doesn’t lie flat.

Katzy:  Develop a daily weaving practice involving tapestry and other woven structures that lights her creative fire.

Jenne: Transition from weaving on a rigid heddle loom to multi-shaft looms and be able to do the whole process from planning to hemming.

Missy: Explore all the non-shaft and rigid heddle looms.  See what zoom looms, inkle looms and tapestry looms hold in store for her.

Amber: Learn all about weaving.  How is it different from Crochet and how is it the same?

We are excited about all the exciting things coming up in the magical Year of the Water Tiger.  We look forward to sharing the journey with you.  Happy Lunar New Year!


***The print of the Water Tiger is by Grace Noel, a Chinese Astrologer, artist and teacher from Colorado. She has graciously given us permission to use this lovely print of her work. See more of her work here: 

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