Spring is in the air!

Spring Pastels350x500
Spring Pastels350x500

Hyacinths, sunshine, birdsong, oh my!

Spring is on the way! Let the bright colors evoke the newness of the season, warming up the earth and melting away the gloom of winter. Spring is so full of hope and the promise of things to come!  What shall we weave to bring spring into our lives?

Pictured above are some of our beautiful 5/2 Tubular Spectrum™ mercerized cotton yarns in spring colors.  They could be made into napkins for a spring picnic, a baby blanket for that adorable new baby, tea towels for your tea party.  Anything that you would like some bright, lasting colors to chase away the winter gloom!

These bright colors started us on a path through the shop looking for new spring colors.  The GevolveYarns completely distracted us.  There are over 30 varieties of GevolveYarns, and lots of spring colors.


  • Abigail Gimp yarns for a bling of shiny color.  Robin Egg Blue has such an iconic burst of springtime color.  Where are the robins going to build their nest this year?
  • Skinny Pure yarns for plying a gorgeous hand dyed fleece.  Soft spring colors as we begin to venture outside to spin on the porch or gathering outside under the trees as the leaves come out.  Sky Blue and Light Purple are classic springtime colors!
  • Abigail Philos is thinner than the Abigail Gimp yarns and still has the same shiny colors.  This makes a fabulous tabby yarn for overshot fabrics.  Pink reminds us of the cherry blossom petals!
  • Stainless Steel and Silk yarns.  Available with either 17% or 24% stainless steel.  Make some fabrics with the ability to stay in shapes that you choose.  Lots of soft springtime colors.
  • Elastic Ramie yarns will put a little spring in your fabrics!  The Rosa color in the Elastic Ramie is so soft and will pair well with many soft springtime colors.
  • And finally, the Linen singles in grass green color would be wonderful for some fine napkins for a springtime tea party.

We can’t wait to get weaving!  Happy Spring!



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