Bumberet Bitty Bits Napkin Instructions


Instructions to weave the Bumberet Bitty Bit Napkins.  Play with 4 variations of the fascinating structure of Bumberet with our thirsty Lyte™ Bold hemp yarn and bitty bits of 10/2 Tubular Spectrum™ yarn for a splash of color!  All with this including a quick, single shuttle weave!  Weave 5 napkins (finished size 16.5” square) in 4 different treadlings or pick one treadling and make the napkins all the same.  All on 4 shafts! Designed and woven by honorary Lunatic Paula Heller.

Yarn not included.  Scroll down for more information.


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  • 5 napkins
  • 24 EPI, 24 PPI
  • Warp length: 4 yards (Allows for 36” loom (thrum) waste and 10% take-up)
  • 2” wide in the reed

Equipment Needed:

  • 4-harness Loom with at least 18-inch weaving width
  • 8-dent reed. 3 ends per dent.
  • Boat or stick shuttle

Yarn Needed:

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