Schacht Bobbins for Boat Shuttles


You can never have enough bobbins.  These bobbins fit many styles of shuttles, and the end works perfectly with any kind of shuttle that has a rounded bobbin space.  They will never get stuck on the side of the shuttle!  Sold in packages of 10.


Schacht’s plastic bobbins come in three sizes. The 4″ bobbins fit the 9″ mini, the 11″ shuttles, and both double-bobbin boat shuttles; the 5″ bobbins fit the 13″ shuttles; and the 6″ bobbins fit the 15″ shuttles. The bobbins have specially designed ends for trouble-free release of yarn.

Sold in packages of 10.

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Bobbin Length

4", 5", 6"


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