Texsolv Anchors–Arrows and Pins


Use these anchor pins and/or arrow pegs with Texsolv cord.  Texsolv cord is strong and with equally spaced ‘eyes’ or ‘button holes’ obtaining consistent lengths is a snap. The use of the arrow peg or anchor pin is a further refinement making tie up and use of the cord even easier.

Both arrow pegs and anchor pins are available in bags of 25.



Texsolv anchor pins and arrow pegs are invaluable when you are using texsolv cord on your loom.  The anchor pins and the cord can be used for treadle tie ups or any where you want the texsolv cord to be attached to a piece of wood. Arrow pegs, are very useful when you want to attach a cord to itself or to another cord.

The beauty using anchor pins and arrow pegs with texsolv cord’s equally spaced ‘button’ holes in the cord, is that adjustments are quick, accurate and knotless.

The diagram shows how texsolv can be used to “solve textile problems”.  Figure F and H illustrate the use of arrow pegs, and Figure G illustrates the use of anchor pins.

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Texsolv Anchors

Arrow Pegs, Anchor Pins


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