Lunatics LOVE Color!  


We have been on a long journey discovering color in our own way, and this week we are excited to participate with many of our customers and friends in the Discovering Color Weave Along with Tien Chui and Janet Dawson.   Let’s play with ALL the Tubular Spectrum colors!

With our usual Lunatic enthusiasm, we are planning to put on 3 warps:

 10 Green Warp from the Celebration Kit designed by Tien and Janet.

Discover Color – Celebration Colorway


How can we go wrong with a 10 Green warp on our Wolf Pup Loom?  In addition to the colors in the kit, we are planning to play with all the other Tubular Spectrum greens to see what combinations we can come up with.


A mermaid-inspired warp following the color selection guideline in the class handouts.

We think the 5 Red Purple yarn will be the warp on the Baby Wolf Loom.  Now it will be fun to find yarn friends that go along with the 5 Red Purple.  So many options of what to use for weft!

A 5/2 Cobalt warp, sett at 15 epi on our Rigid Heddle Loom.

Discover Color – Magic Carpet Colorway


Using the colors from the Magic Carpet kit, we are going to see what we can do on a rigid heddle loom.

We are thrilled to discover that Ashford’s 16” (40cm) 15 dent rigid heddles fit in the Schacht Cricket and Flip Looms!

Get People Weaving!
Cricket Loom
Flip Stand
Schacht Flip Loom Stand
Ashford SampleIt Loom – Two Heddles

We are excited to see what you do, and we will keep posting our progress.

Let’s all get weaving!!!!

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