Introducing Lyte Hemp Yarn!


We are so excited to announce that we have a new hemp yarn in stock!  We call it Lyte™ Hemp Yarn because it lit our fire for using hemp yarn. It is a 100% hemp yarn sourced from Romania.  We were fortunate to find a large lot of this yarn just as COVID shut down the hemp yarn production in Romania.

Lyte Hemp Collection#1Colors on Cones

We have been seeking to provide colored hemp yarn on cones for years, and we are delighted to finally turn this dream into reality!  We are dyeing some of the yarn with fiber reactive dyes in a range of colors similar to those in our Tubular Spectrum™ Mercerized Cotton line.  Just like the Tubular Spectrum™ yarns, the colored hemp yarns are superbly washfast, and are stunningly brilliant!  We now have 10 colors in stock (Amethyst, Black, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Light Gray, Periwinkle, Ruby, Sky Blue, and Thyme) as well as bleached and natural, and we are working to get another 15-20 colors dyed.  Click here to see a collection of the colors we currently have available.

Bold and Fine

The Lyte™ Hemp yarn comes in two sizes:  Bold and Fine.  We chose these names for the two sizes of yarn because we purchased these yarns as already made yarns, and we don’t want to confuse these yarns with other hemp yarns we have sold in the past.  Both the Lyte™ Bold and  Lyte™ Fine yarns can be used for warp as well as for weft.  Like most hemp yarns, they are very strong and you can’t easily break the yarns with your hands. Please be aware that there are some slubs in the yarn, but it certainly doesn’t affect the strength of the yarn.

Lyte™ Bold yarns have approximately 2,600 yards per pound: Sett at 20-28 epi and beat at 20-28 ppi. The Lyte™ Bold combines beautifully with 10/2 or 8/2 cotton yarns.   Click here to see the Lyte™ Bold Yarns.



Lyte™ Fine yarns have approximately 5,000 yards per pound.  Click here to see the Lyte™ Fine yarns.  We recommend setting the Lyte Fine at 30-36 epi and the beat at 28-36 ppi.  The Lyte™ Fine yarn combines beautifully with 16/2 or 20/2 cotton yarns.

Weaving with these Hemp Yarns?

We will have more information about weaving with these wonderful yarns in a few days.  We are finishing up some samples now and can’t wait to share them with you!


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