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Gorgeous Gradients Workshop

October 8-November 5, 2021

Our very own Michele Belson will again be team teaching with Tien Chiu on the Warp&Weave website.  The four week comprehensive program will increase your gradient IQ and give you the confidence to design your own multi-color patterns to bring you endless joy!

Perfect for 4-shaft, 8-shaft, and rigid heddle weavers!

And Lunatic Fringe Yarns has all the yarns you need to design and weave your Gorgeous Gradients.  The class will cover 3/2 and 10/2 mercerized yarns as well as 8/2 unmercerized yarns.

10/2 Mercerized Cotton Yarns:  Cobalt, 10 Yellow Red, 10 Red, 10 Green, 5 Green Yellow

3/2 Mercerized Cotton Yarns: 10 Red, 10 Red Purple, 10 Purple, 5 Purple, 5 Blue

10/2 Mercerized Cotton Yarns:  Cobalt, 10 Yellow Red, 10 Red, 10 Green, 5 Green Yellow

Here’s what you’ll learn from our LIVE four weeks together:

How to design spectacularly beautiful gradients that you can weave on any loom that produces plain weave (or 4-shaft straight twill) – rigid heddle looms welcome! 
 Know the SIX kinds of gradients – what they are, when, where, and how to use them, and how to design each type
 Master the Gradient Color Editor Tool – a powerful tool that lets you design your own color gradients – in seconds!
The secrets of picking warp and weft colors for complicated multicolor (or rainbow!) gradients- WITHOUT producing mud.
Tools and techniques for designing and weaving glorious double gradients – gradients in warp AND weft!
Tips to make warping and weaving complex stripes simple and easy – on a shaft loom OR a rigid heddle loom
Tips to finish your cowl with fun fringe on the side – on a shaft loom OR a rigid heddle loom!

Tien will cover all the color theory you need to make gorgeous gradients, and Michele will be teaching all about time saving weaving techniques to make weaving with Gradients easy and fun and to complete a gorgeous cowl.

Sign up for this class at WarpandWeave.com 

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