What is a Color Gamp?

Gamp on the Loom
Gamp on the Loom

We have been weaving gamps for a long time, and we love to answer to the question “What is a gamp?”.

A color gamp is a cloth that contains a set of color stripes in the warp that are crossed by the same set of color stripes in the weft. The resulting fabric will show the interactions of all the colors with every other color in both the warp and weft.  It is the ultimate sampling tool in one piece of fabric.  Weaving a color gamp with the colors you’re considering for your project will let you visualize which warp/weft combinations work, and which don’t. As we have all learned, just because two yarn colors look good together on the cones, they may not look good together when they are woven into cloth.  And when you weave color gamps in various weave structures, you will see how the colors interact in concert with those weave structures.

20 Color Gamp, Summer and Winter
5/2 Yarn, Colors arranged Around the Color Wheel

And Gamps take us back to the project that launched Lunatic Fringe Yarns, lo those many  moons ago: the Tubular Spectrum™  Color Gamp kit.  It all began with a desire to weave a color gamp. And then, the realization that a source commercially available yarns in a coherent set of colors in a consistent yarn did not exist.  We headed to the dyepot with mercerized cotton yarn to create our own colors, and soon discovered that other weavers were looking for the same thing. We realized that the Lunatics could be THE source for that coherent set of yarns.  Thus, the beginning of the Tubular Spectrum™.

Ultimately, a gamp is a rite of passage for a weaver, an invaluable tool for the rest of your weaving career and what better time to weave one than now in the New Year!

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27 Color Gamp Kit
Shawl Backside
Lee Surrender Placemat



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  1. What a splendid article to introduce the concept to another weaving friend, today! Thank you always and always for the colors, and I’m hugely enjoying the added tints and shades I got from you at HGA Convergence in Reno this summer!

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