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Shrinking Your Draft-Straight Twill

May 5, 2020

Remember when Alice went down the rabbit hole and tried multiple ways to make herself grow bigger and smaller?  Wouldn’t it be grand if we too could make our projects or looms grow larger or smaller?  We often are asked how to weave a kit or project when the loom you have is not wide […]

20 Color Gamp, Summer and Winter

Arranging to Weave a Color Gamp

February 7, 2017

How to arrange the colors in a Color Gamp is a question that can lead to many enjoyable hours of planning, thinking and rearranging.  In a purely academic way, the way the colors are arranged in a color gamp doesn’t matter at all.  The purpose of a color gamp is to see the interactions of […]

Gamp on the Loom

What is a Color Gamp?

January 18, 2017

The holiday decorations are put away and the days are finally beginning to get longer.  The winter storms are heading out and our looms await.  And as this new year begins, we Lunatics like to look back to our beginnings. Back to the project that launched Lunatic Fringe Yarns, lo those many  moons ago: the Tubular […]


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