Weaving from the Heart


Hearts are a wonderful, universal symbol.  They have special significance in our lives as the heart shape is a representation of love and romance.  There are few symbols in our world that have as much universal appeal as the heart.

As we zoom toward Valentines day, we were drawn to create a heart using 3/8 Maine Line Wool yarn and the Zoom Loom.  It is quick weaving, and the slight stretch of the 3/8 Maine Line Wool yarn makes it an ideal yarn to weave on the Zoom Loom.

For this quick project, we used Raspberry and Petal Pink to achieve the color combination we wanted.  The total weight of the finished heart made of 9 squares is just over 15 grams (about ½ an ounce). You could weave several hearts from two skeins of Maine Line Wool.  If you happen to have a small amount of the appropriate yarns in your stash, it is a perfect way to use them as well.

To make the heart:

  • Make 7 Raspberry squares and 1 Petal Pink square
  • Sew them together with an overhand stitch through the outer loops created when weaving.  It is really a 9 patch with one corner missing.
  • Turn 45 degrees to the right to orient it correctly.
  • Fold the left and right squares on dotted lines.
  • Ta Da!  A heart! The outside folded squares are shown slightly skewed so you can see that they are folded over to make the shape.

 Here are a few pictures of the real thing…



A quick wet finish with a little bit of felting action closed up the holes made by the seams, and gives the heart fabric a nice hand. It didn’t shrink up much at all as you can see from the pictures with the rulers.







Now What?

We have been debating what to do with this delightful heart.  If we make another 5 Raspberry squares and one more Petal Pink, we could sew the other side and make a cute bag out of it.  Maybe with straps made on the inkle loom, or ribbon?  Or we could sew them all together and have a pillow?  Hmm…lots of interesting thoughts.  Maybe on Valentines day we can all show off our Heart’s desire on our Facebook Group, In the Fringe.

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