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Graphite and Gold Shawl Yarn Collection

December 19, 2019

We have assembled the yarns to make Cynthia Newmans Graphite & Gold shawl as shown in Handwoven’s Lookbook:  Loom Theory:  8-shaft Shawl Collection 2019 from Long Thread Media.  We have collected the yarns you will need to make the shawl…you will need to purchase the instructions from Long Thread Media. Click Here for the instructions:  Loom Theory: 8-shaft Shawl Collection 2019 from Long Thread Media.  The instructions as written make 1 shawl.  We have assembled the yarn for either 1 or 2 shawls.

Photos by Caleb Dane – Good Folk Photography, courtesy of Long Thread Media.


Lee Surrender Pillowtop Instructions

November 7, 2019

Weave 4 spectacular pillow covers! The finished size of the pillow covers is about 18” x 17”.  Lee’s Surrender is an overshot pattern that uses 4 harnesses.  The pattern listed below comes from Marguerite Porter Davison’s book A Handweaver’s Pattern Book on page 184.

Weaving overshot is fun…you will weave with two shuttles.  One shuttle carries the pattern yarn, and the other shuttle carries the tabby or tie down yarn.


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