Cotton and Silk…Wow! Wrap yourself in luxury!

Lunadette and Cowl
Lunadette and Cowl

Soft, light, airy and with a beautiful luster.  And enough fabric to be a soft, elegant cowl.  Just what Lunadette needed for a night out on the town!

We have been weaving samples for Tien Chiu’s Discover Gradients Weave Along that will be coming up in August 2021, using 10/2 Tubular Spectrum™ Yarn.  After one set of samples was woven, we had enough warp left to make a cowl:  about 30″ was enough warp for a small cowl.  With 10/2 cotton yarn in the warp sett at 24 epi:  what could we pair it with? 

Now that we have GevolveYarns wound and ready to go, we are investigating how to use them with our Tubular Spectrum™ yarns.  We have always loved the feel of silk and cotton woven together, so we pulled out some of the 3 Color Tram Silk and gave it a go.  Wow.  The fabric is beautiful!  The Tram silk with its 3 related colors slightly twisted together and incredible sheen adds an amazing luster and wonderful drape to the fabric.  And after sampling a couple of the colors, we settled on the color Cafe to go with the blues and greens of the warp.  The Cafe color has a medium value to keep the fabric cheerful, and a slight yellow/orange/brown hue to give the fabric a bit of iridescence when woven with the blue cotton yarns.  We wove the fabric using plain weave at about 20-22 ppi.

After it was woven and wet finished, we turned a hem and sewed the two ends together to make a tube.  Voila!  A soft cowl.  Lunadette has not yet decided where she is going to show off this beautiful cowl!

Maybe we will turn this into a kit after we take the Discover Gradients Weave Along!

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