Draft as a lift plan

How to make a lift plan!

March 7, 2023

“HELP!!!!   I don’t have treadles!!!!!” If you have a direct tie-up loom or a table loom, you need to create a lift plan from the draft to know how to weave the fabric.  A lift plan combines the tie up and treadling to tell you exactly which harnesses go up for each pick.  It is […]

Metamorphic Placemats title slide

Invisible Join for Repp Filler Yarn

January 11, 2023

Written by Michele Belson In the Metamorphic Placemat Kit, Cynthia Newman describes a nice way to begin and end 4 strands of 8/16 thick repp filler.  We recently had a question about this technique and the picture in the kit, and we wanted to clarify and share this technique. Original Pictures Here is the original […]

Viva Magenta!

Viva Magenta! Pantone Color of 2023!

December 29, 2022

  The draft shown here uses our Tubular Spectrum™ yarns in 10 Red Purple, Sky Blue, Violet, Coral, Very Light Gray and Bleached White.  This draft is adapted from our Toasty Turned Tacquete Cowls.  We have a printable version of this draft if you would like to print it out.  Click here. Pantone has released […]


Random Acts for Napkins

November 9, 2022

Sometimes we all need a quick, gratifying project to fill the need to create beauty and have something functional.  Especially a project that fits the needs of our family. For years, I have gazed longingly at the projects that others have made using random colors and yarns in making a warp.  The ease that those […]


Plying Lesson: Make Your Fabrics Soar!

August 26, 2022

Fringe can add an extra style element to your garments, handbags, scarves or just about anything that needs a little extra zing!  Plus, when you twist or ply the fringe, the fringe will be more durable and look nice for a long time, even with many washings of your handwoven treasures.  We use plied fringe […]


Interesting Yarns-Blog Post

June 24, 2022

We had a wonderful time with Giovanna Imperia at her Saturday Seminar on Non-traditional Materials.  She talked about some of the amazing and interesting yarns in our new GevolveYarn Line and we learned SOOOO much.  We hope you did too! Giovanna shared lots of her incredible samples made from some of these unique yarns and […]


Carry Your Weft Yarns

November 23, 2021

Weaving with lots of weft color changes means that you will have ends to deal with.  If you don’t want to stop and start your weft yarns all the time, you can carry the non-working weft yarns up the selvage edges while they are still attached. You can choose to either secure or not secure […]


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