Towel by Wayne Nicholson

Thanks for Terrific Yarn

Just a quick note to tell you I’m loving weaving with 8/2 American Maid! The sample I wove wet-finished soft and absorbent; I’ve had no warp threads break (well, I’m only in yard #2 of 9, so there’s always a chance…) (and I’m using a temple because this draft has more significant draw-in than I’m used to). Draft is slightly modified (lengthened to towel length) Bread Cloths from HW Design Collection 16 (you can see a peek of the Swedish Lace lower left). (Blue is Valley Yarns 8/2 unmercerized from WEBS, French Blue)

Here’s the sample – top of picture is off the loom; bottom is wet-finished in 1 quart tap water, 1 Tbsp baking soda, simmered 20 minutes. Your info is correct: Dirty water! But: A very happy color deepening of the Light and Dark Brown, and the white is brighter!

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