Ashford paper bobbins

Paper Bobbins

July 20, 2020

Before there were plastic bobbins there were quills, often made from rolled paper but now improved in sturdy cardboard.  A reasonably priced alternative to plastic bobbins.  These will work for all the Ashford and Schacht boat shuttles.

Package of 10.


Tapestry Bobbins

July 9, 2020

Ashford tapestry bobbins for use on all your tapestry loom, rigid heddle looms and weaving frames. Smooth lathed solid wood. 2 pc set.


Bobbins from Ashford

December 17, 2019

Bobbins for your Ashford boat shuttles.  Either the paper or the nylon bobbins come in packages of 10.

EZ bobs

EZ Bobs – Kumihimo bobbins

October 25, 2019

These bobbins are a must have while braiding or any other time you want to keep small amounts of yarn under control.  You wind the yarn around the bobbin and then pop them shut securing the yarn inside.  When you need more yarn to work with, you unsnap them, unwind some yarn and resnap them.  So simple and elegant.  Don’t braid at home without these!

They are also perfect to hold warp ends that need to hang off the back of your loom!  Available in 1.9″ or 2.5″.


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