Metamorphic Placemat Kit

February 11, 2021

These striking Placemats evoke Frank Lloyd Wright and the Mid-Century Modern movement with a contemporary flair.  Elegant on their own or combine them with the Magical Metamorphic Napkins to make a coordinated set!  And these can be woven on 4-harnesses!  The Kit contains all the yarn you need to weave 4 mats, approximately 16” x 12” when finished.

Designed by Cynthia Newman.


8/16 Repp Filler – Maurice Brassard

September 20, 2019

If you want to weave place mats or table runners in Rep weave, this is an ideal thick weft!  It is the thick weft that is used in the Sizzling Hot Pads Kit and the Metamorphic Placemats Kit.

These unmercerized 8/16 cotton yarns are amazing to work with.  The yarn is soft, absorbent, and it comes in a wide range of colors. One cone is enough to weave 5-6 place mats!  We are impressed with the softness of the resulting fabrics. We have also been impressed with the wash fastness of the colors.

We currently have 15 colors in stock, but we can order this yarn in any of the Maurice Brassard colors!  Please let us know if you need another color.

Maurice Brassard color cards are available HERE.



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