Diamonds and Rust Scarf Yarn Collection

November 15, 2019

We have assembled the 10/2 American Maid naturally colored cotton yarns to make Rachel Simmons Diamonds & Rust scarf as shown in Handwoven’s Lookbook:  Loom Theory:  Rigid Heddle Scarf Collection 2019 from Long Thread Media.  We have collected the yarns you will need to make the scarf…you will need to purchase the instructions from Long Thread Media. Click Here for the instructions:  Loom Theory: Rigid Heddle Scarf Collection 2019 from Long Thread Media.

The instructions as written make 1 scarf.  We have assembled the yarn for either 1 or 2 scarves.

Please scroll down for more information on the collection.

Photos by Good Folk Photography, courtesy of Long Thread Media.

Seychelle Scarf Kit

Seychelles Scarf Instructions

November 6, 2019

Dreams of warm sand beaches and cool lagoons will fill your head as you weave and wear these lightweight, naturally colored scarves. These scarves are soft and subtly colored and with just the right amount of drape.  Two colors of our own American Maid™ Naturally Colored Cotton and natural white yarn are perfect to make a sophisticated scarf.


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