Warping Vertically!

Warping Vertically!
Warping Vertically!

Winding warps can be simplified by winding the warp vertically on the warping board. Some of us (i.e. Katzy) have been frustrated in the past with winding long warps and getting to the step of tying the choke ties only to bend down and discover that there is a missed pass on the lower levels of the warping board; resulting in a few threads that are shorter than the whole rest of the warp. And it is always way back at the beginning of the warp and so it is extra annoying!  And if you warp back to front, this makes a mess out of the warp when tying on to the back beam.  But there is an easy solution!  Turn the warping board, and wind the warp vertically!

The Path is Clear

When you wind the warp vertically, you can see the warp path clearly from the beginning where the threading cross is, all the way to the end where the raddle cross is and not have any more nasty surprises when you have completed the warp winding.  We wouldn’t wind warps any other way now.

No More Aching Shoulder

The added benefit to winding the warp vertically is that you can just step sideways a couple times as you go across the board, and as a result, your arm and shoulder no longer get tired. When you spend a couple hours winding a warp, the benefit of keeping your shoulder happy can make the warping process so much more pleasant.


Of course, there are a few tricks to this just like using the warping board the other way: (1) make sure you keep a light tension on the warp so the pegs don’t bend in (you need to do this anyway so the left and right sides of your warp are the same length); and (2) if you have issues with the warp trying to come off, wrap a rubber band around each peg and it will prevent the warp from sliding off.  (3) Using rubber bands around the pegs also works as a great way to mark the path of your warp so that you can wind a second warp the same length as the first.

Warping Vertically changed our life and made the trips to the warping board much more enjoyable.

3 thoughts on “Warping Vertically!”

  1. I just received my last order. All is wonderful! However, I have a question.

    On the leash stick holders…. What do I use the two little blue clips for? I know there must be a slick idea here.

    1. The Wones are a great way to hold your lease sticks while threading the loom. Some weavers prefer to use the blue clips on the end of the bolts rather than the wing nuts (Attach it to the bolt by opening the clip and placing it perpendicular to the bolt). Others think that is not secure enough and prefer to use the wing nuts. We put both in the box so you can choose.

  2. Thank you for this. I have always wondered how I could make this easier (indirect for rigid heddle) and this makes a lot more sense than horizontal. And elastic bands!! Who’d o’thought!!

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