Ashford Pick Up Sticks

June 30, 2020

Add texture and visual appeal to your weaving!

Use pickup sticks to create additional sheds for double weave, patterns, and textures in your rigid heddle loom weaving.

Ashford’s Pickup Sticks are made from solid wood and feature a tapered point perfect for picking up individual threads. Convenient holes are located at each end to secure your picked up threads with a safety string to create different sheds.



Ashford Wavy Shuttles

December 30, 2019

Create interesting and decorative patterns by beating the weft into place with Ashford’s wavy shuttles. You can use these shuttles with any loom.  The shuttles have different size waves on each side and have a smooth lacquer finish, and are available in 3 lengths.


Rag Shuttle

October 21, 2019

These broad, sturdy shuttles have been traditionally used for rag weaving, though they are also excellent for heavy rug wools and bulky chenilles. Available in 14″ and 20″ lengths


Schacht Belt Shuttle

September 20, 2019

Schacht Belt Shuttles are 8″ long, and made from hard Maple.  Nicely finished and ready to use.

Belt shuttles are similar to stick shuttles but with one beveled edge.  Not only to carry weft back and forth, but also to beat the weft into place. Use a belt shuttle for inkle and card weaving.


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