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Kaleidoscope Adventure–1 month

July 29, 2020

Join us on our Kaleidoscope Adventure!

You will receive a bag with Retail packaging sizes of different colors and sizes of yarns based on the Color theme of the month.  See below for the Colors and Availability.  (For example in December you will receive, a FULL SKEIN of red hemp yarn, a full 4 oz of Mercerized red yarn, etc.)  We aren’t telling you the type of wool (Greenline, Merino, Kokadjo, etc) or the color or grist of the yarns, but you will receive a full retail amount.  It might be 5/2 or 10/2 or 3/2, or some other size. It might be Cranberry, Coral, 5 Red, or some other mercerized red yarn. That is the adventure part…you never quite know what will be in the box!  

These are not samples!  We pulled these yarns directly off our retail shelves!

The TREASURE HUNTER bags will contain at least 5 different yarns plus other goodies, and the THRILL SEEKER bags contain at least 10 different yarns plus the other goodies.



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