Wonderful Woolly Shawlette Instructions – GreenLine Yarn

November 6, 2020

Here are the instructions to make Warm and Woolly Shawlettes using GreenLine wool yarn.  The instructions show you how to weave these charming Shawlettes to keep the chill off and to brighten up your day.  They have a buttonhole that you create while you are weaving the shawlette.  You can choose the pattern for 1 shawlette woven on a rigid heddle loom, or two shawlettes woven on either a rigid heddle or shaft loom.  You can weave these cozy neck warmers on your Loom in a weekend.

Listen to the Loon! Difficulty level is Beginner (One fish). This project is designed for use on either rigid heddle loom or shaft looms.


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