Bench Bags from Schacht

March 8, 2022

Add some handy storage to your loom bench.  The bags are made from a durable Cordura fabric and the wood trim will match your bench.  Choose Maple or Cherry.  Sold individually.


Handi Handle

June 1, 2021

Use this “Handi” Handle to loosen or tighten the tension on your Ashford Looms.  Place the Handi Handle over the existing nylon knob on your loom and turn gently.

Available in Small and Large sizes.  Comes one to a package.  Picture shows front and back of the handle.

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Wolf Pup Loom

March 2, 2020

Here is a little loom you can easily take anywhere with you. The Wolf Pups have a sturdy X-frame and barrel-nut construction that makes its 18″ weaving width ideal for workshops and for all those other narrow projects.

This charming loom has durable components that make it easy to weave on: steel hub friction brake, brake release foot pedal, aluminum harness channels, and an attached beater pin. The loom comes with stainless steel heddle bars and a stainless steel reed (choice of 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 dent), and 300 inserted eye heddles.

All of these new looms are shipped directly from Schacht’s factory.

Due to Covid19, Schacht is running behind schedule. Ordering this item will be received by you within 6-10 weeks.


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