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Sprang Lace Patterns by Carol James

April 16, 2022

Sprang is an ancient textile technique and Carol James is it’s master!  This is a self published booklet of Sprang Lace Patterns.  The patterns in this book are from motifs that Carol has found in museums across North America and Europe.


Sprang Unsprung by Carol James

September 20, 2019

An Illustrated Guide to Interlinking, Interlacing and Intertwining.

The companion volume to Fingerweaving Untangled, Sprang Unsprung by Carol James introduces her readers to to the ancient art of free-end interlinking (“unsprung”) and the classic sprang techniques of weaving including interlacing and intertwining.

As flexible as knitting and much quicker, let Sprang be your next yarn challenge!



Introduction to Sprang with Carol James DVD

September 20, 2019

Sprang is one of the oldest textile techniques. Unlike in weaving, no weft is used. The warps themselves are used for the interlacement! In fact, it is classified as braiding, but still gives wonderfully wide and stretchy cloth – ideal for use in comfortable clothing that allows free motion.


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